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How can I make more space in a tiny single dorm room?

Making the most of a small single dorm room

For the second year in a row, my son has a small single dorm room with a full sized bed.  While single rooms are great or sanity, they are very small, with very little floor space.  Glad to have his own room the first year, my son was glad to deal with it.  Finding out he would get the same floor plan year two, we decided to try to free up the room a bit.

This is actually last year's room. 
 Here is the room as it originally was....  with a window on one side and a closet on the other, there really wasn't enough space to move the bed.  This was a great room for banging up your chins.

This years room
same room but flipped floor
plan from last year. 
So after giving it some thought and discussion, I decided to make a curtain to eliminate the problem of the window.  There would still be a draft if the bed was against the window, but turning it so the headboard is at the window eliminates draft and creates the optimum amount of space.

Where it seemed before that the dorm bed took up the entire room now with the bed turned and anchored with a curtain, it feels like a separate sleeping nook away from the desk and dresser.

cozy sleeping nook. 

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